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What To Do After Having Your Windshield Replaced


Windshield Replacements Can Feel Very Inconvenient.

Nobody wants to have to get their windshield fixed, but should your windshield get cracked or chipped, it is a very necessary repair.

When your windshield has been replaced, it may seem like you can just get on your way and forget that it ever happened. A repair certainly will get you on your way, but there are some precautions you will want to take once your windshield is fixed.

  • Check the seal around the windshield to make sure it was installed properly. If you hear air noise when driving or if you see bubbles in the seal, it may not have been properly installed.
  • Check to see about getting a warranty on the new windshield installation. Many companies offer warranties to back their products and protect their customers.
  • After a new windshield is installed, the glass can be fragile. This is usually during the first 24 hours after installation. Be careful with your car during this time. Avoid slamming your doors or driving over rough roads. It is also wise to crack your windows slightly while driving, as this prevents too much air pressure from building up in your car.
  • Lastly, do not take a newly replaced windshield through the car wash. The first three days after a windshield installation are important, and chemicals used to wash your car can damage the seal around your windshield during this time.
  • Ultimately, be careful with your car the first few days following your windshield repair. This will ensure proper installation of your new windshield and will allow you to put the whole event in the past.
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