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Rear Windshield Replacement



How Rear Windshield Replacement Is Different

The rear windshield is located opposite of the front windshield in the back of the vehicle, protecting the rear passengers from the outside. The rear windshield helps your car maintain its rigid frame, as well as protecting occupants of the vehicle from objects and weather conditions outside. How manufacturers make rear windshield glass, how it functions, and what features they add to it is what sets it apart from the front windshield. All of these features determine how Glass By Tony repairs a rear windshield when you bring it to us.


How Rear Windshields are Constructed

The glass for the back windshield is engineered using tempered glass just like the side window, vent window, or quarter glass panel. The back car window glass is reinforced by thermal or chemical treatments so that it can withstand severe impact, but will shatter into tiny, granular chunks of glass instead of shards. Industry professionals often refer to this type of glass as safety glass.


Rear Windshield Features

The rear windshield comes in all shapes and sizes. Car makers design windshields to fit onto the cars they build so no two windshields are the same. Most cars have a rear windshield bonded to the rear vehicle frame. Some trucks have sliding panes called “truck sliders” or ones that open outward on a hinge. These features allow the air to circulate throughout the vehicle or provide additional room for larger loads. Some cars have rear windshield wipers to wipe dirt and water off of the rear windshield, so the rear view is not obstructed.


Rear Windshield Replacement

The rear windshield is as vital to the protection of passengers in a car as any of the other windows. For this reason, you should never delay getting the windshield professionally repaired once it’s broken. Not repairing a rear windshield could cause serious injury during a collision, as you’ll have no protection from the rear. We recommend bringing your car to Glass By Tony so that we can inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs. We are also able to do mobile repairs if you can’t make it into our shop. If the damage is extensive, we’ll need to replace the windshield instead of repairing it. Regardless, we’ll restore the glass in your car to look and perform like new.

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