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Protecting Your Windshield

Protecting Your Windshield

The summer months and, more specifically, summer heat can really take a toll on your windshield. The dramatic temperature swings and intense heat can make your windshield more brittle and susceptible to cracking. So, what can you do in the summer to protect your windshield from the elements?

One of the best ways to protect your windshield during the summer is to park in the shade. Wherever you are, look for shaded areas and make an effort to park there. The lower temperatures in the shaded areas will prevent your windshield glass from becoming unstable. Leaving your car in the sun can also cause cracks to spread, so look for trees, overhangs, and parking garages to park your car underneath. An added bonus of parking in the shade is the temperature in your car will remain cooler.

Next, be careful when washing your car in the summer. Spraying cold water on your windshield during the scorching heat can shock your windshield and lead to the spreading of cracks. This is caused by the glass rapidly expanding and contracting with the temperature swings. Your best bet is to wait until late in the day to wash your car once it has cooled off outside.

If you are noticing a theme, you are right! Extreme temperatures and temperature swings can damage your windshield. A windshield that has been sitting in the hot sun can easily become damaged when you turn up the air conditioning. The cold air on the inside and hot air on the outside will weaken your windshield. Because of this, make sure to use your air conditioning wisely.

Remember to keep the temperature of your windshield stable and avoid unnecessary damage to your car this summer.

Nobody wants to have to get their windshield fixed, but should your windshield get cracked or chipped, it is a very necessary repair. If you would like to schedule a windshield replacement or if you have other auto glass repair needs, you can contact us at 918-327-2527. We have locations in both Tulsa and Claremore, Oklahoma.


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