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Glass By Tony | Tulsa OK

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Safety Guidelines

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Glass By Tony in Tulsa, OK is very serious about the safety of our employees, you and your property. We will provide you with any safety information that is necessary about your project or installation. We also take special care in making sure that we are very delicate with your property and possessions and will not damage anything. Our glass team is fully trained in our safety procedures to avoid any accidents, injury
or damage.

Glazing Materials  

Glazing materials affect the entire system of your vehicle. It has to do with a window’s thermal performance and how to the materials are used and their properties. Every auto glazing material has three different properties: Reflectivity, Transmissivity and Absorptivity. These three properties help define the function of the glazing materials.  

Windshield Mounting   

Glass By Tony offers our expert services and safety in windshield mounting so to make sure that your windshield is installed correctly, safely and professionally. You can count on our professionals to provide quality safety services for your vehicle.  

Roof Crush Resistance  

Roof crush resistance is exactly what you’d expect, the amount of pressure your vehicle can take before the roof caves in on itself. This is a very important safety feature of your car. In case your car is ever hit by a falling branch, you want to make sure that your roof crush resistance is up to date and safe for your passengers and you as well.  

Windshield Zone Intrusion   

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are involved in a car accident, the purpose of windshield zone intrusion is to help reduce injuries and fatalities. The intrusion helps lower the possibility of passengers and drivers contacting vehicle components near or through the windshield.  

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Glass By Tony | Tulsa OK
Phone: 918-323-2527 

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